How to use your talisman!

Chakra Love™ is the love child of Jeri Warlick. We are excited since it was recently added it to our page. Yay! The following story was written by Erin Snow of Little Rock. It is the first of many Sacred Words we will be periodically adding to our blog. 




Talisman Charged: Helping My Crystals Work for Me
By Erin Snow, RYT 200

I got my first divinely inspired and custom-made Chakra Love™ talisman from Jeri Warlick in the spring of 2013. After a few intuitive healing sessions with Jeri, it became clear that my solar plexus chakra needed some Chakra Love™.
The solar plexus chakra, or Manipura in Sanskrit, is located between the navel and rib cage. It governs our sense of personal power and self-esteem. When in balance, our self-confidence is high and we are able to meet life’s challenges head-on–rather than being derailed or knocked down by them–and move forward without weighty feelings of regret or unworthiness.
Each chakra has a color, and the color of the solar plexus is yellow. The vibration of yellow-hued crystals, such as citrine, tiger’s eye and mookaite – all found on my talisman – strengthen the body’s ability to detox all sorts of poisons, including physical, emotional and mental. These stones directly connect to elimination organs, the liver and kidneys. My talisman also features two clear quartz crystals, for clarity and confidence boosting, and an amethyst to relive stress and quite the mind so I can completely tune in to Spirit, my inner guide, for direction.
Crystals are living things things, and their molecular structures work best when lovingly cleansed and charged for optimum use. Some crystals, like kyanite, are said to never need cleansing, but a figure a little cleansing never hurt anyone. So, for good measure, I maintain a regimen of cleansing and charging my talisman and all of my crystals every month when the moon is full.
Piece-by-piece, I hold each stone under cool, running water from my bathroom sink’s spout. I visualize any negativity that my crystals may have picked up flowing down the drain. Please make sure your crystal is water-friendly. If it has a lot of silica content, skip the water.
Next, I place the crystals in a box, close my eyes and say a prayer that they will be used to serve my (and everyone’s) greatest good.
On the day before, of or after the full moon, I set my box of crystals outside on my patio to absorb the magnificent manifesting energies of the full moon. If it’s raining, I set them on my covered porch. 
There are many ways to cleanse and charge your crystals, but this has been my tried and true method. I encourage you to experiment and discover what cleansing/charging method works best for you and your talisman!

Erin Snow, RYT 200 is the owner of Erin Snow Yoga.

Erin Snow, RYT 200 is the owner of Erin Snow Yoga.