Summer lovin'

Summer in the PNW is the most amazing experience. It feels so good to be able to have the windows up in the studio, coffee brewing, music playing and the view of the sea & mountains out my window. I am extremely grateful for the expansion I have experienced in the last six months. I am building an amazing network of followers and consumers, as well as a huge ass soul family.

Designing and creating high vibration spiritual tools satisfies my soul in so many ways. It seems to just flow from the very essence of my being. The connections we make to one another is so important in all we do. I am happy that my chosen work connects to so many.

New things are to come... this seems to always be happening. Yet, by fall Chakra Love™ will have a few new tools to offer. Warlick Design Works will debut a couple of new lighting fixtures this late summer too. Whew. 

Instagram is so amazing and has allow me to connect to so many fairly easily. So you definitely want to keep an eye out for Flash Sales and Give Aways. and

Mad love.