Intentional Packing With the Accidental Icon

I am beyond honored for Lyn of Accidental Icon to be rocking my Black Bone Dagger earrings in this interview with Here Away Travel Magazine.

“I love multifunctional pieces while I travel. I don’t like to overpack, especially clothes, because for me, clothes are just one aspect of my outfit—my real statements are my sunglasses, my earrings, and my bold lip. Sometimes I’ll bring, like, six pairs of sunglasses. I also always bring my Milk Makeup Cooling Water—it has something in it that is almost like caffeine, so when you’re looking half dead after a long flight, this will make your skin glow. Next, I bring my little Instax camera in monochrome and color, because while I like iPhone photos, they’re not good at capturing the mood. And I like to remember the mood of how I felt wearing something, or the mood of a restaurant that I’m in. It’s a better memory-keeper. Then, I’ll bring something like my Issey Miyake black dress that can be worn 8,000 different ways, takes up no room, and doesn’t wrinkle, and I’ll bring my favorite multifunctional, beautiful light sweater made by a designer friend of mine, Milo’ Tricot."

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