Urban Gypsy


She lives with true abandon. She is quick to throw a bag in the car and go. She eagerly anticipates sleeping next to the earth. She loves to wander and always allows for the things that cajole her soul, whether it is in the city or mountains. She knows the value of a good man's love and a strong cup of coffee. She raises her child like a true wolf mamma. She gets lost beside the sea. She looks to the moon for companionship. She is mad and you love it. She can make something of nothing. She dances through life and will drag you along. She loves art, the earth, magic, telling stories, exploring, creating but most of all loving. Her style is just as easy going as her state of being. She can not help but to be authentic in her dress and life. Beautifully crafted jewels that emanate an energy that matches her own. Urban Gypsy.