Gypsetting in my own back yard

Are you excited to see your friend, go for walks, stop and smell the roses, laugh at funny pictures on your phone? My sweet lil boy of 5 asks me this before my friend arrived. Lakey Love (as I call her) has always been one to definitely remind me to stop and smell the roses..She is an amazing soul with an even more amazing ability to take life's shit and not only view it from the upside but then pose it in her writings so the world can experience it as well.

Her short but spirit filled visit reminded me that you do not have to go far to replenish your soul. Time must of stood still for a moment or two.......Coffees......beaches, sunsets, the sea, manicures and a walk about through our fine city was all I needed. We retraced the steps of her wilder years and reclaimed the energy and sweetness of many memories. Who knew Bruce Lee's place of burial had so much energy that you could actually feel it sway at your feet? While she was here, she received the news that her very first manuscript is on its way to becoming a best seller....her editor was amazed by here words..and you will be too.

The soul needs good friends that are willing to become nomadic if even for a day, walk and talk with you as you reclaim the very essence of life. Not sure who said this but it is perfect "Gypsets are creative and optimistic people who blend fashion and art, whilst maintaining a relaxed, laidback approach to life"

Many soulful thanks to my dear Gypsy friend, Lake. Thank you for helping this urban gypsy reclaim so of life's sweetness.


jeri and lakey.jpg