Live and layer with abandon.

What in the hell does that mean anyways? To live with abandon (for me at least) is to wake up each day and care about what I am doing and how I feel. I choose feel good things to wear and put into my body. This may mean coffee with cream and a banana for breakfast (or skip the banana and cram chia seeds into my mouth.) I love  mixing my look with a thrift store tee, premium denim jeans, boots and of course loads of my jewelry. I like to layer it on... urban gypsy style. I like to layer it on in life as well. Traveling is the best way to re-balance ourselves and expand our awareness. Sometimes this means traveling  to a local coffee shop. Indie shops can be portals of inspiration and inner peace... really! Especially if you stumble in to a new one. I love to watch how folks interact with one another and how they dress. I feel myself drawn to the men and women that look like they rolled out of bed and look great of course.  I was asked recently in an interview "who are your favorite designers?" Um me of course.. okay okay. I do love many and especially the our local Seattle designers. I think a  good brand is one that you can pair up with your thrift store finds. Jeri Warlick Jewelry really is that day to night, season to season, wear with whatever the hell you want sort of jewelry line. I design with the intention of cajoling your soul. Every piece comes from the most authentic place within me and that is how it is meant to be worn... with abandon. 

Mad love,


The Freedom Collection

Spring and Summer 2015

Live and layer with abandon.