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Chakra Love™

The story...

Chakra Love™ is the love child of Jeri Warlick. This beautiful line of healing jewelry was created as a way to introduce crystal energy healing to others. Chakra Love™ was handed to Jeri while she was in meditation and officially launched in winter of 2012.

What are Chakra Love™ talismans?
Petite but powerful crystal healing talismans on vegan-friendly cord or leather. Each talisman includes a stone that brings about healing and balance to a specific chakra! Inbox for all inquiries. Available retail and wholesale.

(Please note: Color, Color intensity, size and shape may vary. This is a natural variance found within gemstones.) All Chakra Love™ talismans are approximately 3/4"-1" in stone size and the hammered Brass or Bronze Circle is also approx. 3/4" in diameter, so the entire length of the pendant is around 1.5" in length. Cord length is approx. 16" and ties on. Espresso brown leather or vegan "leather" available.)

For info. or Wholesale inquiries please email me at

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Client love.....

"I first met Jeri here on Facebook as we planned to coordinate a Healing Adventure to Sedona in 2012. That than changed to a 5 day working meeting in Little Rock, ARK for 121212 - most amazing experience ever!

She designed a beautiful Talisman for me to wear on my Spiritual trips which has incredible energy. I was also blessed to have a Chakra Love™ Crystal Healing Session with her which balanced me for the long flight back to Seattle & helped me move forward with my projects in 2013.

I would highly recommend Jeri's work and feel very blessed that the Universe connected us in such a wonderful way!"

 Tracy Polowich (aka Pink Bella) 
Reiki Master & Crystal Practitioner ~~ Pink Bella Aloha Therapy ~~ 
Vancouver, BC Canada


"Chakra Love™ Healing Jewelry is amazing and has been an incredible blessing in my life! Customer for life!"

Stephanie Hanson

Bellevue, NE


"As a holistic entrepreneur who values spirituality as much as financial success, I am so grateful to have a guide, mentor, and spiritual healer like Jeri. Her intuition, spirit, and creativity are divine. Her talismans are amazing aesthetically and energetically. She is truly a gift in all her pursuits to others."

Julianne Bitley

Little Rock, AR

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